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Our offices remain open. With assistance from all our insurance carriers,
we're able to perform
most transactions including autopac over the phone,
email &/or fax. 

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Why Use an Independent Insurance Broker?


There is no additional cost to the customer to purchase insurance through qualified  professionals.  Some insurance products are currently sold across the counter at banks, credit unions, travel agencies (credit, life and disability insurance, travel medical insurance, insurance on car rentals, etc.)  More often than not by a clerk, selling the product as an "add on" or option, not qualified to provide proper advice, etc.  This could lead to disastrous consequences when proper/adequate coverages are not being provided.

Employer group insurance for homeowner/tenants insurance has been around in recent years.  It "may" offer premium savings but plans are very inflexible/must "fit".  They "don't offer this", "can't do that" (i.e. boats/motors, seadoos, travel accident & out of province medial coverages, satellite dishes, business property/merchandise in the residence [which has become very popular], various liability insurance extensions that may be required).

There are still a number of insurance companies that sell their products direct to the consumer through their own agents, not independent brokers.  They offer their own products only, agent is a company employee really representing the company's interests rather than you own.

We work for you, not for the insurance company!  The only time that insurance "really" counts is when you have a claim.  If you are not getting satisfaction, we will intervene on your behalf.  We will do everything possible to expedite matters.

We review your requirements, determine the required coverages and shop the market for you.  Why would you do it any other way?  After so many years in the business and gaining so many contacts, we know where to go, who to speak to and how to negotiate the best terms.

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