Basic Autopac

Basic autopac is mandatory in Manitoba, providing coverage for personal injury, all perils collision or third party liability claim.  You can choose to enhance this basic coverage with optional Autopac coverages:

  • Fire, Vandalism, Hail, Lightning, Collision 
    • Basic: $500
    • Package 1: $300
    • Package 2: $200
    • Package 3: $100
  • Glass Replacement
    • Basic: $500
    • Package 1: $300
    • Package 2: $200
    • Package 3: $100
  • Theft of Vehicle
    • Basic: $500
    • Package 1: $300
  • Glass Repair
    • Basic: $500
  • Wildlife Collision
    • Basic: $500
    • Package 1: $300

Basic Third Party Liability coverage insures you up to $200,000, for claims made against you, if your vehicle damages another vehicle or other property in Manitoba, injures a person, or damages another vehicle or other property outside Manitoba but within Canada and the United States.  $200,000 is the minimum insurance coverage required by law in Manitoba and other provinces. However, you can get Optional Autopac coverage to increase your third party liability protection to $1 million, $2 million or $5 million.
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Documents Required when Insuring a Vehicle in Manitoba

If you have purchased a New vehicle in Manitoba, the Dealership should have provided you with the following documents which will be required when insuring the vehicle:

  • New Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS)
  • Bill of Sale

Your new vehicle cannot insure your vehicle without all of these documents.
If you have purchased a Used vehicle from a Dealership in Manitoba, they should have provided you with the following documents which will be required when insuring the vehicle:

  • Transfer of Ownership Document (found on the back of the registration certificate)
  • Bill of Sale
  • Certificate of Inspection
  • Your used vehicle cannot insure your vehicle without all of these documents.

If you have purchased a Used vehicle, privately in Manitoba, you should have received the following from the previous owner:

  • Transfer of Ownership Document (found on the back of the registration certificate)
  • Bill of Sale

Along with these documents, a Certificate of Inspection will be required when insuring the vehicle.  Note that in a private sale the Retail Sales Tax will be required upon insuring the vehicle.  This amount is 7% of the purchase amount or wholesale amount (found in the Gold Book) whichever is greater.
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Rental Car Insurance

Renting a U-Drive or driving someone else's car while on holiday?  Does your Autopac extend coverage?  Yes, but liability coverage only and certain limitations apply.  Is coverage included under your credit card?  Yes, some of the credit card companies provide coverage but these coverages vary from company to company and all are subject to certain limitations.  Is the coverage offered by the U-Drive company sufficient?  Maybe, but it is very expensive and do you have the time or expertise to review the terms of coverage when checking in at the U-Drive counter?  Confused?  Why take the chance of not having proper coverage in place.  We can provide you with Rental Car Insurance which covers the following:

  • rentals (or borrowed vehicles) anywhere in Canada (including Manitoba) and the U.S.
  • claims other motorists may make against you, up to $5,000,000 (CDN).
  • claims the rental company may make against you for damage to their vehicle up to $100,000 (CDN) (for rentals outside Manitoba), with a $100 deductible
    • Renting a car that’s registered and insured in Manitoba is different than renting outside Manitoba. Here, the rental car’s basic Autopac insurance covers you if have a valid driver’s license and you’re driving with the rental company’s permission.  For this reason, you’re only responsible for up to $500 of damage to the car you’re renting, which is the deductible under basic Autopac. Buying Rental Car Insurance lowers your deductible to $100.
  • a replacement rental
  • down-time claims (claims the rental company make against you for the time their damaged car was unavailable for rental)

Rates for Rental Car Insurance (a non-refundable $15 policy fee applies):

  • In Manitoba:  $2/day
  • In Canada (outside Manitoba):  $5/day
  • In the United States:  $7/day

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New to Manitoba

If you have recently moved to Manitoba and wish to register your vehicle, please follow the steps listed below:

  • Get a claims history letter from your previous insurer or click here for the "New Manitoba Residents" form to send to your previous insurer to complete and return.
  • Get your Manitoba Driver's License - before buying your Autopac insurance or you can't qualify for a premium discount.
  • Have your vehicle inspected -  Before you can register your vehicle in Manitoba, you must have a valid Certificate of Inspection (COI), issued by a Manitoba vehicle inspection station, or a valid government-issued in-force Certificate of Inspection (COI) from the place you left. We accept a COI from other jurisdictions that have a vehicle inspection program similar to Manitoba's, such as those in Ontario and Saskatchewan. The certificate means that your vehicle has passed a basic safety inspection.
  • Buy your Autopac Insurance - You have 3 months to register and insure your vehicle when it's a privately owned, non-commercially used passenger vehicle or a truck with a gross vehicle weight of 3,700 kg or less. All other vehicles must be registered immediately. You'll also have to register your vehicle before the 3 months is up if your registration and insurance from the place you left expires during that time.

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Renew your Autopac with Us!

Renewing your Autopac has never been easier and you can do it without leaving home! Simply complete our Authorization Form and return it to our office. Drop it in the mail, fax it to us at 488-1124 or send it to us by e-mail. It's that easy.
We will contact you prior to your next renewal, review your coverage and process your renewal right over the phone. Once complete, we will forward your renewal documents and new stickers so that you have them well in advance of your renewal date.
Also, once we have your authorization form on file, in addition to processing future renewals, we will be able to process all of your midterm changes such as automobile substitutions, coverage changes, address changes, etc.
If you already have an authorization on file with our office, please contact us and let us know if you would like us to process your renewal, changes, etc for you.
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There are Alternatives to Autopac.

When renewing your Autopac, consider the alternative of purchasing your extension insurance privately.  At premiums competitive with Autopac, we offer lower deductibles for Comprehensive coverage and nil deductibles for Wildlife Collision and Windshield Repair.  Also, for a nominal additional premium, you can insure against the cost of renting a substitute vehicle if yours is damaged or stolen, physical damage coverage for rented private passenger autos (U-Drives), Excess Value coverage and Waiver of Depreciation coverage for new autos.  Premiums may be paid in three installments or by monthly withdrawals from your bank account, whatever is convenient.
SMI Prestige Automobile Insurance

  • Are you interested in a selection of lower deductibles for your auto?
  • Do you have 4 or 5 merits on your driver's license?
  • Do you rent private messenger autos either at home or when you travel in North America?
  • If your auto was in an accident, would you need a replacement auto?
  • Do you or your spouse operate private passenger vehicles outside of Manitoba?
  • Do you own an auto, motor home or trailer which is plated seasonally?
  • Would you be concerned with the valuation of your antique or classic auto if it were a total loss?
  • If your auto is a total loss, would you like to be reimbursed the depreciation for up to two years from its purchase or lease new price?
  • If your premium is over $100 are you interested in financing it?
  • Are you interested in dealing with a Private Insurer?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, contact our office for a Prestige Automobile quote today!
If you have any other questions or need more information please contact us!!

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