Hole In One

  • Million Dollar
  • Shoot-Outs 
  • Luxury Cars 
  • Diamond Rings 
  • Trips Around the World  

We've helped groups offer all kinds of once-in-a-lifetime prizes for special events.  You're only limited by your imagination!

Regarding golf, if you're hosting a tournament or participating as a sponsor, we can help you make your event special by offering a major award.  Father/son?  How about a Rolex for Dad and a scholarship for Junior?  His and her cars for mixed events? Again, just use your imagination - we think you'll be surprised at how little it costs and be relieved to know that we look after everything, including professional signage.  With the ever increasing competition for charitable dollars, you've got to make your event different!


In recent years, the fastest growing area of Marketing and Advertising has centered around prize and contest promotions.  These promotions create great public awareness and response resulting in increased sales and profits!  For the vast majority of companies who have wanted to offer a contest promotion, one major hurdle has existed.  Either the sponsor must pay for expensive awards, or the contest must be designed in such a way as to make the prize contingent upon an event which is extremely unlikely to happen - doesn't work - not effective!  ALMOST ANY PROMOTION CAN BE INSURED.  WE CAN HELP YOU PLAN, DESIGN AND IMPLEMENT EXCITING PROFIT BUILDING PROGRAMS, TODAY!  The sky's the limit when it comes to ideas for Promotional Contests:

  • Hockey - Puck Shoot
  • Basketball - Hoop-Shot (1/2 or 3/4 court)
  • Baseball - Grand Slam, No-Hit, Triple Play, Hit for the Cycle
  • Bowling - 300 Game, 7-10 Split
  • Football - Kick for Cash, Attendance
  • Fishing - Tagged Fish, Record Catch

We've made it easy to apply for Hole-In-One Insurance!  Simply fill out our online form and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote.  Or, if you prefer, you can print out our application and fax it to 489-7808.  Either way, we would be pleased to provide you with the rates and terms for your event.  If you have any questions about this insurance or would like a quote on a different event, please call us at 489-1555 (toll free 1-800-876-9698).

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